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While exchanging documentation and information has remained a staple in the business world, there is one thing that is clear. Your company’s fax machine is slowing you down in a competitive business era where speed and convenience is everything. It’s time to catch on and allow your company to reach its most productive state.


In its prime, the fax machine was a revolutionary idea which helped to expedite processes between companies. Dating back to the nineteenth century, the fax machine reached its peak in the business world during the 1980s as it drastically reduced the time spent transmitting things like documents and photographs (Fax Authority). This was an important step in the business world, speeding up interactions including document transmission and signatures. However, society is continuing to advance, sharpening the ways we view tasks we have become comfortable with. The purpose and value of the fax machine was clear back then, but, is there really a need for them in today’s technological era?


While the speed of business used to be measured by mail days, that is no longer the case. People are seeking immediate gratification and efficient processes to match their on-the-go lifestyles. Paper faxes do not fit into this new way of life. However, there are people that still use fax machines today, their reasons varying from familiarity and comfort to perceived office convenience. But, these excuses are beginning to lose both their validity and credibility in today’s world. The pace of the world is constantly changing, meaning it is time for us to follow. So while fax machines brought businesses into the 1980s, today’s customers expect technologies cut out for 2018. Now is the time to remove fax machines from the realm of business. “Is it really worth spending several hundred dollars a year to maintain outdated technology when better alternatives to fax machines are available?” (Orfano).


To give some context, “Ink and toner cartridges vary widely in price and can be found for anywhere from $15 to $75 per ounce [depending on quality].” But what is a fax machine without paper? “Your fax machine chews through paper – especially if you choose to print off send and receive notification sheets with every fax. An average ream of paper [which is approximately 500 sheets] typically costs between $5 and $10” (Hur).


Fax machines are unnecessarily losing company’s money. “The average company spends between 1-3% of its revenue on printing costs.” While this may not seem like a lot, consider this example. “If your company received only 50 transmissions a day, 5 days a week that equals $260 a year just for toner. Multiply that for a busy office with multiple machines and the costs can easily be in the thousands” (J2 Global Inc.). These costs could all be avoided. Instead of cutting revenue, get rid of the fax machine in entirety. But don’t worry, getting rid of the fax machine doesn’t mean you’ll lose all of its benefits.


Your expenses are not done once you get through the costs of the physical fax machine components. The maintenance of maintaining a fax machine is not only expensive, but a huge burden. “When you buy a high-quality fax machine, you can expect to pay about $50 to $150 for fax machine repairs and maintenance costs [per each machine]” (Hur). Furthermore, the constant need for repairs inconveniences employees and delays overall production. There is no need to be reliant on a machine that requires so much attention. Instead, this energy should be redirected into a building a more productive and enjoyable work experience with no dependency on such an unreliable machine.


For a while in the 1980s, before the internet developed, fax machines were the most efficient means of communication. However, technology has changed the way society communicates as a whole. Even if you are constantly on the go you should not give up your ability to engage with others in the business world.


With the rise of a new generation, it is not just about being on the internet, it is about connecting to customers where they are, on the move. While people are leading a more active lifestyle, they still strive for a sense of connection between them and a company. Now we need businesses to adapt to these pressing needs, integrating technology seamlessly into the active lifestyles of their customers. This transition is possible thanks to the device that is always in your pocket. The cell phone, of course.


Frustration is the world that best describes a customer’s reaction when asked to complete a fax. “According to a 2017 Spiceworks poll, approximately 89% of small to medium sized organizations still use fax in some form” (Hold). However, “One of the biggest problems with manual faxing is the time it takes to send a fax - time that could be put to better use elsewhere.” (Orfano). The extensive use of cell phones completely eliminates the need for fax machines. It is time to do yourself a favor and utilize the capabilities that your own cell phone provides. There is no longer a need for these large, clunky machines taking up office space. Everything that a fax machine can do, your phone can do too, and probably better.


The aggravation of waiting for a fax to be sent, received, signed, and returned is becoming nothing more than shades of the past. Instead, these steps can all be compiled into a simple interaction through your own personal cell phone. Through the cell phone, you can do anything from sending photographs and identification to electrically signing documentation with ease. Now, interactions are more efficient, enjoyable, and expedited all thanks to technological advances. The fast-paced business lifestyle does not stop for anyone, so don’t let your fax machine be the reason you’re falling behind. Want to remove operational inefficiencies? Speak with an expert about filling in your company's technology gap to better sell and serve your customers.

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