Lightico’s First Salesforce World Tour in NYC: Recap of a Nonstop Day in a Nonstop City

Gaby Young

I’m still buzzing from my first Salesforce World Tour experience. On December 18, 2019, Lightico made its debut at Salesforce World Tour New York City as a Gold sponsor. It was an action-packed day chock full of inspiring speakers, exciting announcements, useful sessions, networking with some of the best minds in the ecosystem, and innovative product demos.

My day started bright and early at 7:00 am when my team and I arrived at the Javitz Center which was wonderfully decorated Salesforce style.

Then the conference opened for visitors at 8:00 am sharp and finished at 5:00 pm sharp, not one minute less or one minute more, registration was smooth, refreshments were delicious and the level of professionalism was very impressive —hats off to Charlotte Coover, Amanda Nelson, and the Salesforce production team.

This was Lightico’s first time attending a Salesforce World Tour conference, so I came in with tempered expectations. So imagine my delight when swarms of attendees from a wide range of industries visited our booth, eager to hear about new solutions to help them ace their jobs.

Financial services companies were disproportionately represented (hello, NYC!), but we also met with many trailblazers from insurance, telco, retail, and more.

We got by far the highest traffic of relevant people that I have ever experienced personally at a conference I attended.

The Lightico team was busy every second of the whole day — our drones giveaway ran out within an hour and a half, and brochures within three hours. As for demos, they were back to back, nonstop. The audience loved seeing a 5-minute Lightico demo on their own cell phones and witnessing speed and ease of business that they could implement within their sales and service departments.

Attendees who stopped by our booth were particularly interested in hearing about KYC, eSignatures, and document collection—and they certainly came to the right place. And all of the people we spoke to were comfortable with installing AppExchange applications, which should make it especially easy and fast for new customers to start using Lightico.

All the while, there were tons of fascinating sessions happening. I wish I could’ve stopped by these promising and relevant talks:

  • How Lamborghini Makes Customer Experiences Extraordinary with Salesforce
  • An opening keynote by Parker Harris, Salesforce Co-Founder and CTO on Salesforce Customer 360, Einstein Voice Skills, and more
  • How to Boost Productivity for Financial Services
  • Win and Grow Customers by Putting Them at the Center of Your Business
  • Mastering Digital Transformation: Create Your Roadmap and Strategy for Success

To cap off the day, Lightico participated in a Demo Jam, complete with a silent disco and dark lighting. That’s also when we had the great privilege to demo our product on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Well, that’s it for now. Looking forward to seeing you all at the next Salesforce World Tour in Boston!

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