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Lightico and our partners Auto Fin Journal are thrilled to unveil the first-ever Innovators Top 100 list and announce the winners of the 2021 Auto Finance Innovator Awards!

The auto finance industry has benefited tremendously from the leadership and contributions of professionals who have worked tirelessly to help drive digital transformation and innovation that will benefit the community for decades to come.

Innovation is about more than technology. It’s about culture and practices that help propel our entire industries forward. That’s why the new Lightico’s Auto Finance Innovators Top 100 award includes lenders, leaders and influencers who are driving innovation in the field.

You can view the full Top 100 list here.

“We were blown away at the level of innovation and dedication to improving the auto finance world that the professionals on this list have shown,” said Nick Zulovich, Senior Editor at SubPrime Auto Finance Journal, part of Cherokee Media. “It isn’t easy to navigate the world of digital transformation and success requires a keen understanding of the challenges businesses face as well as the vision to execute.”


“We’re incredibly excited to see such a strong cadre of auto finance professionals leading innovation in the industry at a critical time,” says our CEO and Cofounder Zviki Ben-Ishay. “These Leaders are an excellent example of technological innovation that is helping to truly revolutionize the auto finance space.”

Know an innovator who should be on this list?

Nominations are now open for the 2022 Auto Finance Top 100 List — Be sure to put them forward for recognition!

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