Revolutionizing Insurance Sales with Compliant Digital Journeys and Unrivaled Customer Experience

Global Insurance giant brings end-to-end digital processes to improve sales quality, customer engagement and reinforce compliance.
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Empowering Simple and Remote Insurance Sales

MetLife, a global leader in protection planning and retirement solutions, serves 90 million customers across 40 countries. In France, MetLife specializes in offering high-quality protection insurance to an underserved market. Seeking a digital platform that would enable quick and seamless insurance product subscriptions while retaining the option for human advice, the company embarked on a transformative journey.

"Working with Lightico’s collaborative digital platform removed any ambiguity from the sales cycle. As a result of a more seamless and transparent process, our sales results are at all time high."


Agnès Bruhat
Managing Director of MetLife France


Addressing Customer Resistance to the Existing Sales Process

MetLife’s call centers relied on advisors to verbally explain terms, conditions, and product details over the phone. This approach became burdensome for both compliance and customers, who felt overwhelmed with information. While human interaction remained vital for protection insurance, the all-phone sales model required a compliance-heavy process.

“Even before regulations imposed constraints on outbound telemarketing activities, customers started to reject this sales process.” Agnès Bruhat, Managing Director of MetLife France


A Digital-First, Human-Centric Sales Approach

To address these challenges, MetLife France partnered with Lightico, embracing their fully digital sales solution that ensured compliance. With Lightico, customers receive a secure link from an advisor on their phone, tablet, or computer, initiating a guided and interactive buying process. Customers actively participate, reviewing policies, approving terms, and obtaining proof of purchase, thereby enhancing their awareness of coverage.

“Today, we are delighted to offer digital tools that streamline and facilitate the sale of our products while building on the expertise of our advisers, who are essential to reassuring and supporting our customers."

Agnès Bruhat
Managing Director of MetLife France


Elevating Sales Quality and Ensuring Full Compliance

Lightico’s real-time solution empowers MetLife’s customers to gain control over their insurance sales process. Instead of enduring lengthy explanations, customers visually comprehend and sign onto their policies with verbal guidance when required. This digital platform accelerates sales cycles, fostering a better customer experience, engagement, and understanding. Notably, since implementing this customer journey, MetLife have received zero sales quality complaints, affirming the success of their digital transformation.

Business Impact

By embracing Lightico’s platform, MetLife successfully aligned their sales process with customer preferences, improved compliance adherence, and enriched the overall insurance buying experience. The collaboration exemplifies MetLife’s commitment to innovation, customer-centricity, and continued leadership in the insurance industry.

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